"Step Up and Be Vocal - Interviews on Queer Punk and Feminism" documentary from 2001. Co-directed by Uta Busch and Sandra Ortmann. In English with German subtitles. There's a neat interview with Jody and other cool queer punk women around the late 90's San Francisco scene

Interviews with Jody and Marceo and Jody does a live solo performance of "Remember Who You Are" in "Portland Girl Convention" documentary from 1996

Full set at Morse Dining Hall at Yale university in New Haven, CT on March 3, 1996
Setlist -
1. Seven
2. The Council
3. #1 Chance Pirate TV
4. 107
5. "Let's Groove" by Earth Wind and Fire "cover"
6. Fake Fight
7. Yes I Am Too but Who Am I Really?
8. Don't Try Suicide
9. She's Amazing
10. Fagetarian and Dyke

Full set at UJZ Korn in Hannover, Germany on March 20, 1996
Setlist -
1. Take on Me
2. ???
3. Freewheel
4. Uncle Phranc
5. Growing Up in Springfield
6. She's Crushing My Mind
7. My Dirty Hands Are Mined
8. 107
9. Fagetarian and Dyke
10. She's Amazing
11. #1 Chance Pirate TV
12. Remember Who You Are
13. The Council
14. Song for Anne Bannon (encore)
15. Seven (encore)

Full set at Charlie's in Dublin, Ireland on April 20, 1996 (does/did Team Dresch smoke weed? Let me know, it's important...)
Setlist -
1. Fagetarian and Dyke
2. 107
3. She's Amazing
4. Song for Anne Bannon
5. Freewheel
6. Seven
7. ???
8. Growing Up in Springfield
9. The Council
10. Take on Me

"#1 Change Pirate TV" with Amanda Kelly on guitar and Marceo drumming and doing Kaia's vocals live at EJ's in Portland, OR in 1997

"She's Amazing" live in 1995