Released June 1994 on Yo-Yo Recordings (YOYO-LP-03)

A1. Mukilteo Fairies - Bloody Breath
A2. Go Sailor - Last Year
A3. Excuse 17 - Sevenwhateverteen
A4. Fitz of Depression - Piss Butt
A5. Love As Laughter - Super Christ
A6. Tummy Ache - Purple Violet Squish
A7. Raggedy Ann - Orange Juice Star
A8. Cub - Flaming Red Bob Sled
A9. The Crabs - Chubbette
A10. Appleseed - High
B1. Bloodthirsty Butchers - I Hate You
B2. Neutral Milk Hotel - Bucket
B3. Long Hind Legs - Dress in My Bed
B4. Tattle Tale - Girls Go to Heaven
B5. Team Dresch - Fake Fight (alternate version)
B6. Copass Grinderz - Bakuonki
B7. Beck - The World May Loose Its Motion