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Hello all. I started this site because Team Dresch are one of if not my favorite band and I wanted all the info I could find about them in one place! I hope you enjoy!

If you have ANY TD related ANYTHING (fanzine scans, pictures, stories, whatever) (or just wanna chat) please please please EMAIL ME!!!!

Also need a hi-res scan of the Longstocking split!!!!

This site is run by one gay person (Gil) who lives in Boston, MA, USA

I figured it would be okay to upload mp3s because all Team Dresch associated material is out of print! If it's not ok, let me know!

Here is another website I run that is focused on hardcore and punk bands with women and queer people in it

Also yes I am aware that the Butchies played Michfest and Kaia gave a weak response about it a decade ago. I would hope she's "up with the times" regarding trans issues now... also if you don't think that trans women are 100% womyn born wimmen and belong in women's spaces as they...are...women... then get the fuck outta here/go read a book and get some empathy!!

If you think my site is cool and feel obliged to give my broke ass money, you may do so here ;)